ICF illustration library English version

Introduction The World Health Organization (WHO) authorized the International Classificatio n of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in 2001. It is accepted by 191 c ountries as the international standard to describe and measure health and disa bility. The ICF classifies the health and disability using approximately 1500 items of "body function", "body structure", "activity and participation"and "environmental factors". This ICF illustration library was developed with the intention to facilitate understanding of ICF structure and contents, by providing illustrations of the main ICF items. The author of this library is responsible for all illustrations in the illustr ation library.
Contents ICF illustration library share the same tree structure of the WHO's ICF. By selecting the "more" buttons, the lower hierarchy appears. The descriptions of each ICF items are according to the WHO's ICF English version.

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Illustrations copyright by TAI TAKAHASHI, International University of Health and Welfare.